Sinuses, Watery Eyes, and Breathing

I have suffered extensively my entire life with symptoms affecting my sinuses, runny eyes, and breathing.  When I was four years old my pediatric doctor ran about 30 pins and needle tests up and down my arm to determine a source of my ailment(s). Results showed mostly pollen, dust, grasses, cats and the like, which is a wide range.  I was given repetitive injections (booster shots) well into mid adulthood and have always carried pills to control my symptoms. What I realize now, thanks to BIE, was that I was never really cured, just medicated.  BIE ended about 90 percent of my misery in the first session.  For the other 10 percent, I went around parks near my home collecting sample trees, leaves, plants and flora that BIE also eliminated.   John D. - Construction 

Does your family pet make you sneeze? If so, please don't give up on them! BIE is a simple, natural modality that just may be the solution in keeping your furry loved one with you indefinitely.


Disclaimer:     BIE desensitizing is a simple method that allows the body to adapt to intolerances by removing various stressors to the body, which helps the body to achieve homeostasis (balance). 

BIE Practitioners are not medical doctors and do not use medical diagnostic or treatment procedures.  The services performed by BIE Practitioners are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of nutritional matters or the sensitivities to various substances, and does not involve the use of scratch tests, needles or blood tests to verify the client’s sensitivities, allergies or intolerances to foods or environmental substances. All testing is done for experimental or educational purposes only and does not involve the diagnosing, curing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of disease or any act, which will constitute the practice of medicine in this State, in which a license is required.  All suggestions (if any) regarding herbs or nutritional matters are based on historical and traditional use.

The client should not for any reason, ingest or expose himself/herself to any substance that he/she has previously been diagnosed as highly allergic or anaphylactic by a qualified medical physician/allergist unless he/she has first been given consent by a qualified physician/allergist.

 Program compliance is required for best results. Individual results may vary from person to person.

Pets Are Family

Itchy Eyes

I've had itchy eyes from time to time, but the latest episode was lasting for several weeks.  After one simple session I was relieved of all symptoms.   Barry - Production Manager

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Hippocrates believed....

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Over-Consumption of Favorite Foods

"The body has the ability to heal itself." ~ Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine 400 B.C. BIE supports this theory by bringing the body back into homeostasis (balance), which naturally allows the body to heal itself from imbalances or intolerances such as allergies, digestive issues, sleep disorders, cravings, etc. This is what our bodies are designed to do naturally and effectively.

My dog Max is 2.5 years old. Since he was a puppy his skin would often turn pink and he would scratch often. Nights were the worst time for him. Paula tested him and found about a dozen foods, grasses and fleas that he was sensitive to. About 24 hours after treatment there was a dramatic improvement of his symptoms. Prior to treatment he was restless, couldn't sleep and scratched constantly which kept us both awake. Starting to next night after treatment he did not scratch once and slept peacefully all night. And so did I. I'm very happy with the results of Paula's treatment!

This is sweet Coco.  She loves eating chicken (her favorite meal), but developed digestive issues due to over-consuming the same meal. After just one BIE session, and abstaining from chicken a day or two, she is now enjoying her choice ingredient with no tummy problems!  

This happens to us humans as well, with all different kinds of foods and even vitamin supplements.

Pets are clients too!

Nasal Congestion and Coughing

I have been quite amazed at the effectiveness of the BIE treatment my 9 year old son received from Paula Cook.  My son had been suffering with an intolerance to dust, and over the last year it had increased to the point that every morning when he woke up he had nasal congestion and coughing lasting a good portion of his morning.  In just one BIE treatment his congestion has cleared and cough has gone away.  It was such a relief to both him and me to find a way to relieve his symptoms so easily and effectively and with no medication.  Thank you Paula!  

Michelle M. - Mom